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As usual we are expecting some interesting and novel entries as has become customary for the Stormin’ The Castle Bike Show. The kind folk at 100% Biker have again dug deep and sponsored the bike show meaning that yet again the trophies will be of the highest standard. The first 100 entries will receive a limited edition t-shirt This year’s show will be in the same area as last year between the stages with 13 categories and 6 runner up places, it is sure to have bikes to please every taste and style

The Trophy Categories are

  • Best in Show
  • Best Custom
  • Best Engineering
  • Best Streetfighter
  • Best Paintwork Best Classic (pre’85)
  • Exhibitor’s Choice
  • Best Three Wheeler
  • Best Alternative
  • Best British Best Japanese

There are Runner Up Prizes depending on the number of entries in a category. The Show is judged by three folk, at least two of them are builders themselves.

Custom Bike Show T&C’s (The boring bits)

  • What we think is a Custom Motorcycle
  • This includes any motorcycle which has been extensively modified, preferably by the owner. It must involve more than the fitting of one or two small custom parts. A machine which has been carefully rebuilt to standard specifications does not fall into the Custom category. Neither do bikes which can be bought from specialist ‘Branded’ companies on a ‘made to order’ basis.
  • What we think is a Classic Motorcycle The Classic Section includes anything which was manufactured over 25 years ago (That’s pretty much all of us then)
  • Question Time ???? If you wish to enter your bike in this show ASK YOURSELF
  • Has it been extensively modified? If the answer is yes the n it falls within the ‘CUSTOM’ category and can be entered into the show.
  • Has it received a really good paintjob? If the answer is yes then it also falls within the ‘CUSTOM’ category and can be entered into the show.
  • Is it 25 years old, or older? If the answer is yes then it falls within the ‘CLASSIC’ category and can be entered into the show.

If the answer is not a definite YES to one of the above three questions then please don’t present your bike as a show entry. NB:- An area, just outside the main show, will be provided where bikes which do not fit the show categories, and are ineligible to be judged in the show, can be displayed as “bikes of notable interest”. Enter the Show To enter your bike in the show, bring it along to Show Control from 9.00am on the Saturday of the event. The entry to show control is thought the gate in the top corner of the outer camping field. (see Site Map)


Pre Register your bike using the on line form:

On-Line Bike Show Application Form

or you can download a spec sheet to print off and fill in prior to the event, print them out and bring 2 copies of the spec sheet.

Filling in a form when you enter your bike, can be tricky with a hangover. So we recommend that you fill one in before the rally, as the judges may have difficulty reading your hungover hand writing 🙂