The Iris Stage has grown in size in recent years, it originally started as four wooden pallets and two sheets of 8’x 4’ plywood knocked together in the corner of the beer tent, where it featured only acoustic performers, however that was some years ago now.

It has now grown in to a 200ft long traditional marquee which can hold not far off 2000 people. It now features a “proper” stage, with a very impressive intelligent lighting rig and a powerful PA rig big enough to cover most stages; however it still retains that traditional rally tent feel. As it grew we decided it needed a name, an identity all of its own, so we named it the “Iris Stage”. It’s named after Iris Smith, who was one of our fellow organisers of Stormin’ the Castle who sadly passed away a several years back now, but still very much missed.

iris-stage-band-imageMusically it’s normally a little more laid back than the main stage, well sometimes, with mainly blues, swing, country and progressive rock bands playing. However the music in here starts earlier than on the Main Stage on Saturday, with bands starting off around 1.00pm throughout the afternoon until we have a short break for the Custom Bike Show presentation (4:45ish) also apparently the sound and light crew like to feed themselves then too.

With the Custom Bike Show just outside the marquee you also have the live music in earshot as you check out the bikes on show.

The bands kick off again around 7.30pm until 11.00ish then we have a rock disco.

Of course our Iris Stage Bar will be open right through the afternoon and evening to ensure your taste buds are satisfied, your bellies are full and keeping you all very merry or messy, so where better to spend Saturday afternoon.

To find out who we have book to play so far this year check out the Line-Up section of the site.