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We are always looking for new Marshal’s as well as welcoming back those of you who have joined us before. The Marshal’s are what makes Stormin’ happen every year, truly without them the rally just wouldn’t go ahead.

The team of 120+ volunteers work shifts before, during and after the rally. Everyone does it for their own reasons if you want to know why head over to the  Marshals Testimonials page to find out.

Marshals Benefits

  • You will get meal vouchers totaling £8 for every 4 hour shift worked and £12 for every 6 hour shift worked etc.
  • Meal vouchers can be redeemed at any catering van while open on site.
  • If you work 8 hours or over, you will get a limited edition Stormin’ Marshals T-Shirt.
  • If you work 12 hours or over, the value of your ticket will be refunded.
  • People working an 8 hour (N) Night Shift, will have that shift counted as 12 hours for refund purposes.
  • On the Sunday evening once we have started packing away, we throw a marshals party. This is a thank you to everyone who has voluntarily marshalled over the weekend, we would love to see you there!
  • Designated camping area.
  • Free use of showers in marshals compound.
  • Free Tea, Coffee & Water is provided while working.

For POSTAL APPLICATIONS  please contact us via the Contact Button Below